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Who are you, little community? An effective instrument?

No. Never. Fine as that may be.

Perhaps a group of men united to be stronger, humanly speaking, in order to realize their own aims?

Not that either.

So could we be living a common life in order to be comfortable together?

No. The community would then become an end in itself, and that would allow us to settle down in cozy little nests. Being happy together? Certainly, but in the context of the offering of our lives.

What are you, little community, spread out in different parts of the world?

A parable of communion, a simple reflection of that unique communion which is the Body of Christ, his Church, and therefore a ferment in the human family.

What is your calling?

In our common life, we can only move forward by discovering over anew the miracle of love, in daily forgiveness, heartfelt trust, and peace-filled contemplation of those entrusted to us. When we move away from the miracle of love, all is lost, everything comes apart.

Little community, what might be God’s desire for you?

To be made alive by drawing nearer to the holiness of Christ.

The Taizé community: ecumenical, international community founded in 1940, in Taizé, France, by Brother Roger.

The meetings in Taizé: weekly international young adult meetings, Sunday to Sunday.
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